TikTok User Forced Mother to Do Household Chores for Content Criticized

TikTok User Earns Criticisms After He Forced His Mother Do Household Chores

The online community chastised the narcissist TikTok user who forced and order her mother to do all household chores despite being a son.

The user was identified as Nimrod Yayong Carilla, an aspiring vlogger and uses the media streaming platform TikTok where he uploads his contents. Most of his contents can be seen as him eating rice mixed with salt and water.

TikTok User Forced Mother

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However, one of her latest posts was widely panned and received criticism from the online community. His mother can be seen doing laundry while he was filming in the said content.

The netizens are enraged when they hear him in the background yelling at his mother to wash his clothes properly. According to the video, he treats his mother like a maid and expects her to do all of the household chores.

His disrespectful act towards his mother went viral on social media, causing uproar among online users. He was chastised for being a narcissist who would do unpleasant things for the sake of content and fame.

His video, which has since been removed, was reuploaded on Facebook after it went viral on TikTok. He was also chastised for disrespecting his mother. Following that, he apologized to his followers in a video.


He claims that he does it solely for the purpose of providing the content. He went on to say that he didn’t want to offend anybody. He’s also apologized to her mother, who seems to be having difficulties speaking.

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