Passengers Quickly Left Bus After Someone Drops Fart Bomb


Several Passengers Immediately Left Bus Due to Fart Bomb Numerous passengers quickly left a province bus after someone dropped a fart bomb inside the public utility vehicle. Farts are natural bodily functions that happen when air and gas in the digestive system are released through the anus. They can occur for various reasons, such as … Read more

Commuters Play UNO Card Game Inside Jeepney Amid Heavy Traffic


Several Commuters Decide to Play Card Game Inside Jeepney Due to Heavy Traffic in Calamba Several commuters play UNO card game inside of a public jeepney amid heavy traffic congestion in Calamba, Laguna. The Philippines, like many other countries, is grappling with significant traffic problems that have become a pervasive issue in urban areas. Traffic … Read more

Arrogant Passenger Earns Criticisms From Fellow Commuters

Arrogant Passenger

Video of Arrogant Passenger Receiving Criticisms From Fellow Commuters Goes Viral The video footage of an arrogant passenger receiving negative reactions from its fellow commuters goes viral online. Nowadays, jeepney is one of the most popular public utility vehicles in the Philippines. Most Filipino people prefer to take public jeepneys to reach their point of destination for offering an … Read more

Commuters Got Surprised After Car Uses Train Railway


Video of Car Using Train Railway Shocked Passengers A lot of commuters waiting for a train got surprised after a car used the railway, which is a very dangerous act. In Istanbul, Turkey, several passenger got shocked after they saw a vehicle using the train’s railway. The car might accidentally use the railway after overlapping … Read more

LTFRB Reminds Commuters to Observe Health Protocols in Public Transport

Filipino commuters

Commuters Reminded by LTFRB to Obey Health Protocols in Public Transport to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has reminded the commuters to observe the health protocols in public transport. On Saturday (May 15, 2021), LTFRB chairman Martin Delgra III urged the public to obey the quarantine guidelines and safety protocols when … Read more

IACT Distributes Free Face Masks to Commuters Along EDSA

Free Face Masks

IACT Gives Free Face Masks w/ Good Quality to Commuters The InterAgency Council for Traffic (IACT) distributes free face masks to the commuters along EDSA busway. The Facebook page “Gadget Addict” has shared the video footage of IACT employees giving free face masks to the commuters. The video goes viral and earned praises from the online … Read more

Angkas Advices Commuters to Buy Own Helmet After Gov’t Allow Their Operations


Angkas Instructs Commuters to Buy Own Helmet The country’s top motorcycle-hailing apps Angkas advised the commuters to buy their own helmet as the government allowed the resumption of their operations. The National government announced that they would allow the resumption of operations of motorcycle taxis including the popular ride-hailing service “Angkas”. However, the government set … Read more