Nadine Lustre Shares Advice For Love, Dating, LDR

Advice From Nadine Lustre About Love, Dating, LDR

NADINE LUSTRE – Actress-singer Nadine Lustre recently shared advice for love, dating and long-distance relationship.

Nadine currently enjoys a fulfilling love life. Businessman Christophe Bariou, who resides in Siargao, and she are currently dating.

The 29-year-old celebrity recently discussed relationship advice and touched on a variety of related subjects. The most frequent issues people have with love were addressed by the actress in a video that Cosmopolitan Philippines posted on March 28.

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Nadine Lustre was asked a few questions, like: “I’ve been crushing on my friend for a long time na. Do I confess? Or wag na baka mawala ‘yung friendship?”

The actress advised: “It could go both ways. I say wait a bit and kind of feel the whole situation and if you see him or her showing interest in you and then go ahead and try it.”

“But if not naman, maybe it is not a good idea,” she added.

The subject of splitting the bill with the partner was also brought up. The sender asked: “Palagi po akong nagbabayad when we go out on dates. How should I tell my partner to shoulder some of the expenses as well?”

Nadine said: “This shouldn’t be difficult for you to be honest. I’m sure your partner would be willing to share as well. Me din if I’m on a date, kunwari it’s my partner who pays for the dinner tonight, or today, but then the next time I will make sure na I pay for it naman para salitan naman kami.”

The actress-singer further elaborated: “It has to be, parang kailangan even kayong dalawa. It can’t be ikaw lang palagi. Your partner has to be willing din to offer of course. Dalawa naman kayong nagbe-benefit dito, dapat nagshe-share di ba?”

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Photo Source: Cosmopolitan Youtube

Nadine Lustre was also inquired about how to maintain the spark in a long-distance relationship. She emphasized the importance of communication in LDR.

“Communication is really important, you know, if you have down time and your partner has down time as well, spend time with each other. Watch a movie together, have a sit-down chat when you are not doing anything, and ask your partner how their day went, all that stuff. Kwento, chismisan, because communication goes a long way…”

“It works wonders and the thing is because you’re far away from this person, this person doesn’t really see you and how you’re living your life and it’s good to share that,” she added.

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