Nadine Lustre Boyfriend Christophe Bariou Shares Cancer Story

In a social media post, the boyfriend of Nadine Lustre shares how he overcame cancer.

NADINE LUSTRE – Christophe Bariou, boyfriend of Nadine Lustre, opens up about his battle with cancer years ago.

We all have our stories from the past that made us the person that we are now in the present. These stories can sometimes be really life-changing just like what happened to the non-showbiz boyfriend, Christophe Bariou, of Nadine Lustre.

Bariou is a half-French, half-Filipino businessman who owns a resort in Siargao. Their relationship was revealed to the public in January last year when the actress gave a glimpse of their New Year celebration together.

And recently, in an Instagram post, Bariou shared a piece from his past he never thought he would be sharing.

In his recent Instagram post, he shared that around three years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. He had a rare type of lymphoma and there were no records of survival to this type in particular. He was even told that he got weeks left to live.

“I experienced the darkest sensation of fear, which is something I thought I had already known because it wasn’t the first time I was in a life threatening situation,” he said. However, this kind of battle he had with cancer was a different thing as it cannot be seen and shelters inside his body.

He had thought about his life and not being able to have kids and a family of his own. At this darkest hour of his life, he thought of not being able to finish what he has started in Siargao.

“At that point, I was about to choose to stay put in Siargao, live the best I could out of my last days and not even bother trying to cure myself since I thought there was not much hope left,” he continued.

However, a hope peek. There was a chance that he could heal but in order to do this, he has to drop everything – which he did. He started his 6-month treatment and was lucky that he was treated in a leading cancer research center in Europe free of charge.

“Not only was I lucky enough to benefit from the best treatments available from the leading cancer research center in Europe, but all of this was completely free of charge thanks to the rights the French fought for. It just makes me think how unfair it can be in other countries when something as bad as this hits,” he said.

Check out the continuation of his story below:

Christophe Bariou
Photo grabbed on IG
Christophe Bariou
Photo grabbed on IG
Christophe Bariou
Photo grabbed on IG


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