Gardo Versoza Will Tell This To Christine Dacera’s “Kaluluwa”

Gardo Versoza Christine Dacera

This is what Gardo Versoza would do if he could only talk to the spirit of Christine Dacera. GARDO VERSOZA – Veteran actor Gardo Versoza would ask this thing to Christine Dacera regarding the controversial case of her death. “Biyernes Santo” is an upcoming film featuring Gardo Versoza with other artists such as Ella Cruz, … Read more

Christine Dacera Case: One Person From The Party Has Revelations

Christine Dacera

Regarding the case of Christine Dacera, one attendee of the party surfaced and has this revelation. CHRISTINE DACERA – One respondent with Christine Dacera in the party surface along with some revelations that happened in room 2207. Previously, the tagged suspects over the death of Christine Angelica Dacera denied claims that they used illegal substances … Read more

Christine Dacera Laid To Rest, Netizens Slam PNP’s Special Treatment

Christine Dacera

Netizens notice the special treatment to Christine Dacera when she was laid to rest over the weekend. CHRISTINE DACERA – People online notice the uniformed men as pallbearers for the burial of Christine Dacera who was laid to rest over the weekend. Baffled are netizens online who are curious about the truth behind the controversial death of … Read more

Manny Pacquiao Pushes Php 500,000 Bounty Over Christine Dacera Case

Manny Pacquiao

Boxing legend and senator Manny Pacquiao refuses to withdraw the bounty for the persons allegedly involved in the death of Christine Dacera. MANNY PACQUIAO – Philippine Senator Manny Pacquiao set Php 500,000.00 to anyone who can capture the “suspects” over Christine Dacera’s death. 23-year-old flight attendant Christine Dacera met her untimely death at the first day … Read more

Christine Dacera: Is This The Bathtub Where She Was Found Dead?

Christine Dacera

There is a photo circulating online which is allegedly the bathtub where Christine Dacera was found dead on new year’s day. CHRISTINE DACERA – The controversial death of Christine Dacera caught the attention online and circulating online is allegedly the bathtub where she was found. The start of the new year is the end for … Read more

Christine Dacera Final Hours, Friends Narrated Incident

Christine Dacera

According to tagged suspects, this is what happened to Christine Dacera hours before she died. CHRISTINE DACERA – Companions of Christine Dacera narrated what happened to her hours before they found her lifeless in a bathtub. Who would have thought that the end of the 23-year-old flight attendant Christine Dacera would be on the first … Read more

Christine Dacera Best Friend Reveals Their Conversation Last January 1

Christine Dacera

The best friend of Christine Dacera reveals what her best friend said moments before she died. CHRISTINE DACERA – Danna Rose Socaoco, Christine Dacera’s best friend, reveals their last conversation moments before she died. Found lifeless in a hotel in Makati City after celebrating the new year with friends is the Philippine Airlines flight attendant … Read more

Christine Dacera Case Still Not Dismissed Says DOJ Prosecutor General

Christine Dacera

DOJ Prosecutor General says something about the case of Christine Dacera, the flight attendant found dead in a hotel. CHRISTINE DACERA – Department of Justice (DOJ) Prosecutor General Benedicto Malcontento clarified that the case of Christine Dacera is still not dismissed. Over the new year’s day, people were shocked with reports online circulating about the flight … Read more