Christine Dacera Spots “Handsome Guy” in Room 2207? Tagged Suspect Reveals

Is the “handsome guy” the reason why Christine Dacera was seen coming back and forth to room 2207?

CHRISTINE DACERA – Valentine Rosales recalls Christine Dacera telling him something about the “handsome guy” in room 2207.

What has been the center of controversy since the start of the new year is the death of Christine Angelica Dacera, the flight attendant who died in a bath tub in a hotel in Makati City after a night of partying. She was the only rose among the group of men in the party but the 11 males she was with were all gays. They were tagged as persons of interest since they were the people with her before she died.

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Some of the involved individuals maintained and insisted their innocence. And just recently, the basketball player from room 2207 where Christine kept on coming back and forth to surfaced. Justine Rieta, the basketball player, came along with his legal counsel in NBI for the case of Dacera and revealed that he doesn’t know anyone from room 2209

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And as the said basketball player surfaced, Valentine Rosales, among the persons of interest who happens to be Christine’s friend and the one she kissed as seen in CCTV footage, remembered something being told by her about a “handsome guy” in 2207.

Rosales revealed during an interview with Boy Abunda, “I don’t want to confirm anything, but I remember Tin telling to me na there’s someone handsome in Room 2207. One guy.”

He was accordingly in doubt if the guy is really straight because he’s with gays. But he added, “Since they’re all gays, I assumed he’s also gay.”

Rosales also remembered Tin, as what they fondly calls her, insisting to him that the basketball player is not gay. Meanwhile, Rieta, among the persons of interest, is willing to cooperate with the authorities to solve the case of Dacera.


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