Christine Dacera Case: 3 Released “Suspects” Break Silence

Christine Dacera

Three of the 11 tagged suspects who were nabbed regarding the death of Christine Dacera break their silence. CHRISTINE DACERA – John dela Serna, Rommel Galido, and John Paul Halili break their silence regarding the death of air stewardess Christine Dacera What has shocked the people online over the new year is the lifeless body … Read more

Christine Dacera: Tagged Suspect Narrates What Happened That Night

Christine Dacera

Gigo de Guzman shares what happened that night with Christine Dacera based on his point of view and what he can only remember. CHRISTINE DACERA – One tagged suspect over Christine Dacera death shares what he remembered that night and the day they found her dead. The names of the tagged suspects regarding the controversial … Read more

Christine Dacera Case: Famous Celebrities React, Join Call For Justice

Christine Dacera

Famous personalities call for justice for Christine Dacera regarding her controversial death. CHRISTINE DACERA – The death of 23-year-old PAL flight attendant, Christine Dacera, earns comments and reactions from celebrities. Slain Philippine Airlines flight attendant Christine Angelica Dacera has left many people baffled about the truth of the cause of her death. Her last moments were … Read more

Christine Dacera Autopsy Report Released By Xian Gaza

Christine Dacera

Xian Gaza revealed in a Facebook post the autopsy report of the cadaver of Christine Dacera which showed the cause of her death. CHRISTINE DACERA – Internet star Xian Gaza has posted on Facebook the result of the autopsy done on the cadaver of Christine Dacera. Circulating and lambasted online were 11 names of men … Read more

Christine Dacera “Not A Loose Woman,” Says Camp Amid Accusations

Christine Dacera

Camp of Christine Dacera defends her over accusations after partying with men. CHRISTINE DACERA – Slain PAL flight attendant Christine Dacera judged as a loose woman for partying with man despite her tragic death. The employer of ill-fated flight attendant Christine Angelica Dacera, Philippine Airlines, calls for “truth to come out in the interest of justice”. … Read more

Christine Dacera CCTV Shows Her Final Moments Before Dying

Christine Dacera CCTV

Some screenshots from Christine Dacera CCTV recording with alleged suspects in a Makati City hotel released. CHRISTINE DACERA CCTV – A CCTV footage of the final moments of Christine Dacera in a hotel in Makati City released to public. Christine Angelica Dacera case is currently among the most talked-about topics in social media. Reports online … Read more

Christine Dacera Case: One Suspect’s Alleged Statement Surfaces Online

Christine Dacera

One possible suspect involved in Christine Dacera case has this alleged statement circulating online. CHRISTINE DACERA – An alleged statement from the Facebook account of Rey Englis, one of the suspects, surfaced and has been circulating online. Noted online are the faces and names of the possible suspects regarding the tragic death of Philippine Airlines … Read more

Christine Dacera Case Suspects, Netizens Seek Justice For Slain FA

Christine Dacera

Netizens seek justice for Christine Dacera, the flight attendant found dead in a hotel in Makati City. CHRISTINE DACERA – Philippine Airlines flight attendant Christine Dacera’s case caught social media attention, netizens cry for justice for the victim. Several names as alleged suspects regarding the slain of Philippine Airlines flight attendant Christine Dacera has emerged … Read more