Southern California: Filipina Shares Experience During Earthquake

Southern California quake Filipina

Filipina Shares Experience During Southern California Earthquake SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – The Filipina businesswoman shared her experience during the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Southern California. One of the most treacherous natural disasters is the earthquakes since it shows no signs before it rocks a particular area. That’s the reason why all companies or establishments are required … Read more

They Were Shocked With The Earthquake’s Aftermath But What These People Did Made Me Cry!

California was struck by one of worst earthquake that hit Napa, California, devastating roads, damaging buildings and historical sites, leaving more than 100 people injured and thousands of people without power and water. Despite the devastation, a group of sportsmen found something useful with the damaged roads. Watch How These Sportsmen Used the Damaged Roads … Read more

Magnitude 6.0 California Earthquake Strongest in 25 Years

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck just six miles southwest of Napa, California which is considered as the strongest quake that jolted Northern California for the past 25 years. The earthquake struck early Sunday, August 24, 2014 (US Time) causing injuries dozens of people, damaging historic building in California’s famed wine country. The earthquake that hit … Read more