They Were Shocked With The Earthquake’s Aftermath But What These People Did Made Me Cry!

California was struck by one of worst earthquake that hit Napa, California, devastating roads, damaging buildings and historical sites, leaving more than 100 people injured and thousands of people without power and water. Despite the devastation, a group of sportsmen found something useful with the damaged roads.

Watch How These Sportsmen Used the Damaged Roads Caused by Earthquake:

In the wake of the worst earthquake that hits the Bay Area in over 25 years, some of the local skateboarders made used of the damage roads as they found a silver lining to an otherwise difficulty in California.

The magnitude 6.0 earthquake hits California, early Sunday morning, August 24 (US Time), at about 6 miles from Napa, California. The earthquake cause heavy damage on some of the city’s infrastructure including Napa’s Meadowbrooks Lane, where the road buckled.

Despite the damaged caused by the earthquake to Napa City’s road, an NBC Bay Area reporter Vicky Nguyen found something interesting, as she tweeted a photo of how the enterprising skateboarder made the most of the road damage.

Napa Skateboarders

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