Netizen Goes Viral Over Buko-Based Lato-Lato: “Lato-lato. Mura lang po”

Buko-Based Lato-Lato

Netizen Earns Reactions Over Buko-Based Lato-Lato BUKO-BASED LATO-LATO – A male netizen goes viral and brings laughter online due to his lato-lato made up of coconuts. With the growing popularity of lato-lato toys, a unique version has emerged courtesy of uploader Mark Gil Monsalve from Batangas City. Instead of the traditional toy, Monsalve offers a … Read more

Philippines To Export Coconuts To US Markets

Young Coconuts From The Philippines Will Be Exported To US Markets Soon PHILIPPINES – Young coconuts, locally known as “buko” from the Philippines will be exported to enter United States’ markets. Coconut was dubbed the “Tree of Life” in the Philippines. The plant grows in most areas across the country. In another news, coconut plant … Read more

Main Health Benefits Of Drinking Buko Juice

Buko Juice

Buko Juice Health Benefits Buko Juice is very popular in the Philippines and most Filipinos love to drink it, aside from being a refreshing drink it contains numerous health benefits. The coconut was very popular worldwide because of its delicious taste and for being a natural thirst quencher. Coconut tree usually grows in tropical climate … Read more