Netizen Goes Viral Over Buko-Based Lato-Lato: “Lato-lato. Mura lang po”

Netizen Earns Reactions Over Buko-Based Lato-Lato

BUKO-BASED LATO-LATO – A male netizen goes viral and brings laughter online due to his lato-lato made up of coconuts.

With the growing popularity of lato-lato toys, a unique version has emerged courtesy of uploader Mark Gil Monsalve from Batangas City. Instead of the traditional toy, Monsalve offers a one-of-a-kind variation using young coconuts.

Lato-lato is a type of toy that gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. It produces a distinct sound when two pieces collide. Monsalve, however, has taken a creative approach by substituting the usual material with buko, providing an interesting twist to the toy.

Buko-Based Lato-Lato

“Lato-lato. Mura lang po, PM send agad at nagkakaubusan na, Monsalve shares.

The concept of using buko as the main component of lato-lato is a fresh and innovative idea. This unconventional approach not only appeals to toy enthusiasts but also showcases the ingenuity of local creators in reimagining traditional toys.

Monsalve probably made his post just for fun since laying coconut-based lato-lato like the traditional toy looks impossible.

Buko-Based Lato-Lato

The origins of lato-lato can be traced back to various cultures around the world, including ancient Greece, where similar toys were used for entertainment. However, in the Philippines, lato-lato became a cultural phenomenon, capturing the imaginations of children and adults alike.

The simplicity of lato-lato is part of its enduring charm. With just a string and two balls, it provides endless hours of entertainment, challenging dexterity and coordination skills. The rhythmic motion required to create the clacking sound also adds an element of musicality, transforming lato-lato into a rhythmic instrument of sorts.

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Buko-Based Lato-Lato

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