LJ Satterfield to Boy Tapang: “Your bashing is the key. Silver button is here”

LJ Satterfield Grateful to Bashing of Boy Tapang After Getting YouTube Silver Button

Controversial content creator LJ Satterfield is grateful to male vlogger Boy Tapang bashing after achieving the YouTube silver button.

LJ Satterfield, a Cebu-based content creator, took to social media to announce her new status as an internet personality. She flaunts her silver play button plate, which she received from YouTube, on Facebook.

LJ Satterfield Silver Button

She praised her followers and detractors for her YouTube success. She also thanked Boy Tapang and stated that using him got her what she desired.

“Kahit umabot tayo sa ganito, bashing and all, I’m still grateful. Let’s admit na, dahil ginamit kita, nag-grow ‘yung channel ko.  Huwag mo ako sabihan na makapal ‘yung mukha ko ’cause I did may part as screen partner. Ginalingan ko ‘yung trabaho ko… So patas lang tayo,” she said in her post.

“Your bashing is the key ,” she even said against Boy Tapang and those who bashed her.

Ronnie Suan, also known as ‘Boy Tapang,’ and LJ Satterfield built a name for themselves on social media with their ‘bardagulan’. The celebrity pair startled the audience when they revealed that their relationship is mainly for the sake of creating material.

LJ wrote in a Facebook post that, while her connection with Ronnie was purely for show, the influencer insisted that she played a role in influencing their fans. Satterfield also stated that she trusted Ronnie and let him guide her through the process of becoming a content creator.

She went on to say that claiming to be in a relationship was a typical practice among influencers. Furthermore, LJ claimed that she shielded and defended Ronnie from controversies because of his true character.

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