Makagago to LJ Satterfield: “angelic face tapos demonyo as in mangagamit”

Makagago Defends Boy Tapang & Slams LJ Satterfield

The social media influencer Makagago defended Boy Tapang and lambasted LJ Satterfield “angelic face tapos demonyo as in mangagamit”.

Amid the ongoing issue involving Ronnie Suan, who is also known as ‘Boy Tapang,’ and influencer LJ Satterfield, fellow influencer Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa ‘Makagago’ Wazzup Man has come to Suan’s defense.

Suan and Satterfield went viral on social media after admitting that they were not a couple and were merely trying to produce social media content. Suan later revealed that he had fallen for Satterfield’s attractiveness but was disappointed to learn that she already had a boyfriend.


In a video, Boss MG expressed his belief that Satterfield had used Suan and manipulated him to gain fame on social media.

“Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganyang klaseng tao.. Nakakagimbal yan, mas nakakagimbal pa yan sa music video ni Toni Fowler, mas nakakatakot ‘yan kasi angelic face tapos demonyo.. as in mangagamit at demonyo,” Mark Jayson said.

Makagago, who is known for criticizing various influencers online, also expressed his sympathy for Suan, who is known for being innocent. “Naawa ako sa kaibigan ko, sobrang nakakaawa pero wala tayong magagawa.” he added.

The latter exposed that Satterfield is already 35 years old and not 26 as she stated on her vlog with Boy Tapang.

The influencer warned Satterfield that she would face her counterpart in the future and accused her of lacking remorse for her acts, even relishing the criticism she was receiving because it made her more popular.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:


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