BSP Calls Out Boy Tapang for Turning Money into Kite

Boy Tapang Called Out by BSP for Turning Money into Kite

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) called out the Pinoy content creator Boy Tapang for turning money into a kite.

Several BSP representatives paid a visit to Ronnie Suan known as “Boy Tapang” after he turned money into a kite. Later on, he issued a public apology for a video where he flew a kite made of ₱P,000 bills.

In a video, Boy Tapang informed his followers about the visit of some BSP personnel to warn him that what he did was wrong and illegal – turning money into a kite in his content. He also clarified that he had no intention of damaging or playing with the money.

The social media influencer explained that he only did it for “entertainment purposes only.”

It’s known that Presidential Decree No. 247 prohibits the improper use of money in the country. This was implemented on July 18, 1973, under the title “Prohibiting and Penalizing Defacement, Mutilation, Tearing, Burning or Destruction of Central Bank Notes and Coins.”

Those proven to have violated this law may face a fine of up to ₱20,000 and imprisonment for up to 5 years.

Boy Tapang

“Gusto ko lang po humingi ng sorry sa Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas dahil doon sa ginawa ko…Hindi ko po intensyon na paglaruan ang pera dahil ako po ay galing sa mahirap so ‘yung pera ay malaking value sa akin. Pinapahalagahan ko po ang pera,” Suan said.

“Ginawa ko po ‘yung content for entertainment purposes only. Kasi naisipan ko pag gagawa ako ng normal na saranggola na gawa sa plastik lang, napa-common na,” he added.

Boy Tapang

Boy Tapang also asked online users to stop sharing the video.

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