Barbie Imperial Receives “Warning” From Netizens Due To This Post

Barbie Imperial

Debbie Garcia shares this post and netizens started calling out Barbie Imperial. Here’s why. BARBIE IMPERIAL – Netizens started calling out Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial because of this post from Debbie Garcia. Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial and VIVA contract star Debbie Garcia allegedly, they fought in a bar because Diego Loyzaga. In a previous article, CCTV recording of the incident … Read more

Barbie Imperial and Debbie Fight, Xian Gaza Reveals “Plot Summary”?

Barbie Imperial and Debbie Garcia

Xian Gaza shares this “plot summary” allegedly regarding Barbie Imperial and Debbie Garcia’s bar fight. BARBIE IMPERIAL – Christian “Xian” Gaza reveals in a post the plot summary of a fight that allegedly involves Barbie Imperial and Debbie Garcia. The alleged reason behind the controversial bar fight between Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial and VIVA contract … Read more

Barbie Imperial Faces 3 Charges, Viva Supports Debbie Garcia

Barbie Imperial and Debbie Garcia

Viva Artists Agency supports Debbie Garcia as she filed charges against Barbie Imperial. Here’s a statement. BARBIE IMPERIAL – After a bar altercation, Debbie Garcia files three charges against Barbie Imperial, and here’s a statement from Viva. Currently trending online is the viral video of Kapamilya actress Barbie Imperial attacking Viva contract star Debbie Garcia … Read more