Refusal Letter Sample To Applicant

Here’s a refusal letter sample to formally reject an applicant.

REFUSAL LETTER SAMPLE – This sample letter of refusal is to formally reject an applicant without sounding rude and for them to move on with their job search.

Communication on both ends matters. And sometimes, in making hard decisions such as rejecting someone, specifically a job applicant, you will still need to communicate it to them and have them informed formally for them to go on with their search. After interviewing applicants and you didn’t end up hiring them, have at least some formality to let them know. A sample letter of this is provided below.

You may meet a handful of applicants and some would not be able to be qualified for the open positions. Make sure you make a clear and positive rejection letter for this will hold something about you and your company. One reason why you must need to do this is that it can help you build relationships. The candidate you rejected may be a perfect fit for some other current or future job opening.

Basic things to remember when writing formal letters are to use the right format, be formal, maintain professionalism, and making sure that your letter is error-free and there are no misspelled words. And in rejecting someone through this, be careful with your choice of words and be polite in tone as it would make great impacts to the message you wanted to relay.

Here’s a format to use and some guide in writing: Business Sample Letter Format, Tips, and Guide

Check out the sample below:

Dear Mr./Ms. (Insert Applicant’s Last Name):

Thank you for your interest and application for the position of (Insert Job Position) at (Insert Company Name). It was such a pleasure to learn your skills and accomplishments but after receiving a large number of applications, we regret to inform you that you’re not a part of the selected candidates to proceed to the next interview for this position.

We thank you for investing your time to apply for us and now that we’ve had the opportunity to know you, we will be keeping your resume for our future job openings that will perfectly fit your profile. We hope you’ll keep us in mind and we encourage you to apply again.

We wish you the best of luck in your job search and again, thank you for your interest in our company.




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