Refusal Letter Sample – Decline Supplier

How do you decline a supplier? Here’s a refusal letter sample to refuse a supplier formally.

REFUSAL LETTER SAMPLE – To formally decline a supplier offering their products to you, this is how you can decline formally through a letter.

It’s not all the time you get to welcome everyone in your company. Before accepting anyone particularly the products of suppliers being offered to you, there are a lot of factors you must consider first in order to gain success in your venture. Now, when it comes to refusing something, a sample letter was formally written below which you may use as a guide.

Saying “no” and making refusals is truly hard. But one thing you must do if you have to do it through a letter is to express regret and here are some other things you’d have to include in your letter:

  • Confirm the received letter and the reason why the proposal is being rejected.
  • Contact information of the organization or entity in any case the person who proposed has inquiries and other questions about the rejection of the proposal.
  • Express appreciation due to the efforts done by the other party and for considering your company to give the proposal to.

There are certain reasons as to why the proposal did not pass such as not passing the initial requirements set by the company, there are other proposals, incomplete proposals, the proposal doesn’t fit with the company’s purpose, and others.

Here’s a format to use and some guide in writing: Business Sample Letter Format, Tips, and Guide

Check out a sample below:

Dear Sir:

This letter is in response to your business proposal dated (insert date). Thank you for taking the time to submit a proposal to our company, (insert company name) and the management team is truly impressed with your well-crafted business proposal. However, we regret to inform you that your proposal did not pass to our company’s guidelines and standards.

The bid was given to another company named (insert name of another company) because they presented a better and complete proposal. Also, this company has been working with us for over a decade now and they offer a wide range of supplies that our company specifically needs. Some of those items were not available yet in your company.

Again, we appreciate your time and effort. We are looking forward to the possibility of working with you somewhere in the future. Thank you.

If you have any questions and some clarifications needed, you can contact us at (insert contact details).




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