Maternity Leave Letter Sample

Here’s A Maternity Leave Letter Sample You Can Use As Guide

MATERNITY LEAVE LETTER SAMPLE – Here is an example of a letter you can use as a guide in writing your own to apply for a maternity leave.

Among the topics that are widely searched for online are the sample letters. It is mainly because letters are among the formal type of communication that is usually used in offices, schools, and other fields.

Online, there are a lot of sample letters under each type. You can use it as a guide in case you are unfamiliar to a letter you are tasked to write or it is your first time to be making it.

Maternity Leave Letter Sample

There are employee letters, office letters, school letters, and a lot more. In offices, one of the types of letters usually common among female employees is the letter for maternity leave.

If you are applying for a maternity leave, it will need a letter that must contain your due date, your preference on who will be your substitute in the job while you’re on leave, and when do you plan to return to work.

Are you set to apply for a maternity leave? Here is a maternity leave letter sample you can use as a guide:

December 16, 2020

SVJ Publishing Company
Makati City, Philippines

Dear Mr. Tan:

Good day! I am writing this letter to let you know about my pregnancy and intention to take a maternity leave. My due date is on January 2, 2021 and I want to apply for a 2-month maternity leave.

I wanted to take the opportunity to be the one to really be with my baby in her first month and I am really hoping that you can grant me this opportunity. I am planning to take a leave starting December 20, 2020 and to return to work on February 20, 2020.

In my absence, I can suggest to have Mrs. Lorna Dancal get on top of the tasks while I am on leave. I am also very much willing to help the office even just through phone calls or online communication anytime my help is needed.

Thank you and I am hoping for your positive response. More power!

Respectfully yours,


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