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Trailer Truck Rams Vehicles Along The Road After Losing Brakes

Trailer Truck

Video of Trailer Truck That Rams Vehicles After Losing Brakes Elicits Comments Online The video footage of a trailer truck that rammed the vehicles along the road after losing brakes goes viral online. Nowadays, road accident has been one of the most common traffic problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around […] Read more

Janice de Belen Can Work Again w/ Aga Muhlach But Not w/ John Estrada

janice de belen aga muhlach john estrada

It’s a “no” for Janice de Belen if a project is with John Estrada Seasoned actress Janice de Belen said that she can work again with her ex-partner Aga Muhlach but this will not be the same case with her ex-husband John Estrada. Janice and Aga had a son, Luigi, who is now a chef. […] Read more

Engineer Dies of Electrocution Due to Charger Plugged Near His Bed


Male Engineer Passes Away of Electrocution for Placing Charger Near His Bed ELECTROCUTION – A male engineer reportedly has died of electrocution for alleged plugging his phone charger near his bed. Throughout the years, numerous individuals have died of electrocution in different circumstances. Some people got electrocuted while doing construction jobs while some of them were due […] Read more

Loisa Andalio on Why She Can Relate to her ‘Love in 40 Days’ Character

loisa andalio ronnie alonte

Loisa Andalio has a new rom-com series with Ronnie Alonte Kapamilya actress Loisa Andalio shared why she can relate to her character Jane in her new series Love in 40 Days with her real-life sweetheart Ronnie Alonte. This is the first teleserye of the real-life couple and during a recent media conference, Loisa talked about […] Read more

Helpless Delivery Rider Suffers Injuries After Punched by Rude Customer

Helpless Delivery Rider

Rude Customer Punches Helpless Delivery Rider During Transaction A helpless delivery rider suffered wounds and injuries after he was punched by a heartless customer during the transaction. A Facebook user named Jonathan Norte Rico has expressed his disappointment and frustrations towards a rude customer who mauled him during their transaction. The post garnered various reactions […] Read more

Gab Valenciano Reveals He Received Death Threats During Issue w/ Ex-Wife

gab valenciano tricia centenera

Gab Valenciano said that he was misjudged due to the past issue with his ex-wife Showbiz personality Gab Valenciano revealed that he received death threats during the height of the issue that he had with his ex-wife Tricia Centenera. Gab and Tricia got married in 2014. In 2018, news surfaced that they had already broken […] Read more

Lutang in English – Translate “Lutang” in English

Lutang in English

Counterpart of Lutang in English & Sample Sentences LUTANG IN ENGLISH – Are you looking for the English translation of the term “lutang”? Here’s its English counterpart. Undeniably, a lot of people are doubtful when it comes to the translations of certain Tagalog words in English. In this article, we will review the meaning of […] Read more

Roro Vessel w/ 124 Passengers in Polillo Island, Quezon Catches Fire

Roro Vessel

Roro Vessel w/ 124 Passengers Catches Fire in Polillo Island, Quezon PASSENGER BOAT CATCHES FIRE – Roro vessel Mercraft 2, with 124 passengers on board catches fire in Polillo Island, Quezon. Fire is one of the most unexpected incidents that put many lives on danger because it could happen anytime and anywhere without noticeable indications. It […] Read more

US Dollar to Philippine Peso Exchange Rate Today, May 23, 2022

US Dollar to Philippine Peso

Today’s Exchange Rate of US Dollar to Philippine Peso – How Much You Will Get? US DOLLAR TO PHILIPPINE PESO – Here is the exchange rate between the United States Dollar and the Philippine Peso today, May 23, 2022. A lot of Filipinos are working in different countries abroad. Several Pinoys have taken the risk […] Read more

Vice Ganda Reminisces His Humble Beginnings in Comedy Bars

vice ganda

Vice Ganda got emotional during his recent visit to a comedy bar Comedian-host Vice Ganda reminisced his humble beginnings as a stand-up comedian in comedy bars. Vice has come a long way from the time he would have nightly gigs in comedy bars and now that he is considered one of the prominent comedians in […] Read more