Celebrity Breakups Affect People More than Key National Issues in PH Now

Celebrity Breakups Never Fail To Take Social Media Platforms by Storm

It is an undeniably fact that many people now are more affected by celebrity breakups than the key national issues in the Philippines.

Recently, several celebrity “then” couples whom the public thought will never go separate ways take an unexpected turn in their relationship. Undeniably, last November 30, amid the celebration of the Bonifacio Day in the Philippines, the social media platforms were taken by storm when Kapamilya stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla confirmed their breakup.

Celebrity Breakups

Daniel and Kathryn or collectively called “KathNiel” by their fans and supporters were together on and off screen for a decade. They have hooked countless fans and supporters whose hearts were broken by the breakup of the two (2) celebrities.

Following Kathryn and Daniel’s confirmation, several issues surrounded their breakup. Undeniably, the public did not only grieve for the parting ways of the two (2) celebrities but also feasted on the intrigues and controversies surrounding their breakup.

Many people gave different opinions with some showing support for one-half of the couple and hate for the other. There were countless speculations and hurtful opinions. While they are celebrities, many of us forgot that they are people, too, going through a natural phase of letting go.

Recently, the very unexpected breakup of Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque was confirmed by Boy Abunda. It came as a bad surprise for a lot of people most especially that the celebrity couple was already engaged for several months already. What the people is waiting for is the big day but it is the breakup that arrived.

Like what happened after the confirmation of the breakup of KathNiel, a lot of people feasted on the intrigues and controversies surrounding the split of BeaDom.

While each is entitled to his/her own opinion, undeniably, it is visible that there are more people now who are affected by celebrity breakups more than what is happening in the country now.

The inflation rate is soaring high and a lot of people have no means of finding money to put food in the table. For years now, the issues regarding the West Philippine Sea has yet to come to a final resolution. There are a lot of issues about erring police authorities and other government manpower who must be upholding dignity in the performance of their duties than tainting the reputation of public servants.

While not any of the issues above may be solved by a single person or an opinion and everyone has the right to his/her own opinion, undeniably, the people nowadays are more hooked in show business rather than the reality that affects everyone.

To emphatize to individuals going through a breakup is a compassionate thing to do. It is normal to feel bad for other people. However, but to throw hate online against someone who is only known because he/she is a celebrity is a waste of time — an opinion, of course!

No one knows the real story behind these breakups and no one outside their relationship has the right to claim their own version of the “truth”.

Disclaimer: The content of the article posted above is an opinion of the writer. Also, the citations provided are based on the information deemed as facts by the different legit sources that contribute to the basis of the making of the whole viewpoint. The writer does not, in any form, intend to create inaccurate understanding of the topic or influence the readers instead, express one’s viewpoint in a formal manner.

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