2022 PISA Results Show Students Are Not Getting the Education They Deserve

The Philippines ranked sixth lowest in the 2022 PISA Results

2022 PISA Results proved that Filipino students are not getting the quality education they deserve, especially those in public schools.

Based on the report from GMA News, only one public school in the National Capital Region (NCR) got a passing mark in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2022 global comprehension survey.

The other five schools are private. In this test, students answer questions in reading, mathematics, and science. They were also evaluated through their creative thinking and financial literary skills.

2022 pisa results
📷: Philstar

In a report from Philstar, the Department of Education pointed out that one of the reasons for low ranking was the lack of computer units that are being utilized for their assessment.

Aside from the fact that the number of computers cannot accommodate all takers, the computer literacy of the students is also a major factor. There are still students who have inept abilities in navigating the computer.

Education is an important tool to somehow secure the future generation. However, it is obvious, it is a fact actually that Filipino students are not getting the quality education they need to compete with the world.

Aside from solving the economic challenges that the Philippines have, the government should also allot more attention to the education system. Poverty should not be a hindrance to getting a quality education. Schools should be improved and teaching staff should also be competent enough to train and enhance the future key players of the country.

It is a lamentable scenario that students would go to school everyday, and spend the majority of their time inside the educational institution but then go back home taking only a little with them. It must be instilled in the minds of the youth the importance of education.

I believe it is always a two-way street. The government’s effort in improving the education system in the country, as well as the effort coming from the education department, and the effort coming from the part of the students would definitely improve the future rankings in PISA.

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