Philippine Literature Stories — List of Popular Writings Significant in PH History

PHILIPPINE LITERATURE STORIES – You can check here the popular writings that are significant in the history of the Philippines.

There are countless stories out there but there are those that were written decades and now and have continued to remain popular. They are known as the piece of work that have a big impact in the country or where authors spoke their claims about the realities then.

Philippine Literature Examples and Their Authors — A Guide for Students

List of Philippine Literature Examples & their Authors

PHILIPPINE LITERATURE EXAMPLES – Here is a list of the Pinoy literature, their authors, and the focus of the writings.

There are books, stories, and writings that have continued to live through decades. Some of these significant writings in the Philippine literature are taught in schools thus even the young generations are knowledgeable about them. One of these significant writings is the novel Noli Me Tangere.

Philippine Literature Examples - Noli Me Tangere
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In this list of the Philippine Literature examples, undeniably, the most popular is the Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) which was written by Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine national hero. The said novel was written in 1887 and was published during the Spanish colonial period.

This novel which is known to be one of the two (2) most significant writings of the Philippine National Hero is believed to have helped shape the perspective of the Filipinos and wake them up from the ill environment that existed then. It was originally written in Spanish but was translated in Filipino and English. It is taught in schools.

This masterpiece was written by Lualhati Bautista in 1983 where she talked about the experiences of the middle-class Filipinos during the Martial Law era, the regime of the late former dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

Florante at Laura
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Also one of the most popular Philippine literature examples is the Florante at Laura written by Francisco Balagtas in 1893. This masterpiece that talked about a love story is considered a national epic. This is another Philippine literature that is taught in schools in the Philippines.

Banaag at Sikat which was also considered as the “bible of the Filipino working class” was written by famous Filipino author Lope K. Santos in 1906. The author talked about the challenges that the Filipino peasants had to endure against the Spanish colonial government.

The other most popular novel written by Dr. Jose Rizal is the El Filibusterismo which is also known by its English title, “The Reign of Greed”. It is the sequel of the Noli Me Tangere which was published in 1891 in Ghent.

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