Breakup Season – Statistical Analysis Of Breakups

When Does Breakup Season Begin?

BREAKUP SEASON – As Valentine’s day approaches, we should be expecting a lot of love, right?

Breakup Season - Statistical Analysis Of Breakups
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But, according to statistics, this might not always be the case. Based on a study conducted by David McCandless, there are two spikes for breakups throughout the year.

McCandless and a colleague used data from Facebook status updates with the phrases “breakup” or “broken up” to come up with their conclusion.

The first spike was after Valentine’s Day and the weeks leading to spring break. But why is that?

Breakup Season - Statistical Analysis Of Breakups
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According to Rori Sassoon, a matchmaker in New York City, big events make people think deeper about how committed they are.

Meanwhile, Psychologist Dr. Marian Morry and Tamara Sucharyna exaggerated and unrealistic portrayals of relationships in social media could be a big factor.

These over-saturated and nit-picked aspects of a relationship never reveal the failures, heartbreak, and pain that come with a relationship.

In turn, when a couple starts comparing their relationship, the pressure and resentment will ultimately destroy the relationship and lead to a breakup.

Another thing to consider about Valentine’s breakups is that a relationship may already be in a State of Crisis.

Based on a study by Dr. John Gottman, when partners fail to make consistent emotional bids. For example, one of the partners put much effort into bettering their relationship and the other isn’t appreciative.

When that hard work and effort doesn’t pay off, they would just give up. On the other hand, if a partner feels like he/she has lacked said attention and effort and had not received it (a romantic gesture, a thoughtful gift) on Valentines, that let-down could be the breaking point.

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