Dennis Trillo’s Son

Meet Dennis Trillo’s Son Calix Andreas

DENNIS TRILLO’S SON – Meet the son of Kapuso actor Dennis Trillo, Calix Andreas Ho, with former girlfriend Carlene Aguilar.

It is no secret to the public that Kapuso actor Dennis Trillo had a previous relationship a former beauty queen and actress – Carlene Aguilar. It was in 2001 when the two celebrities started dating.

The relationship of Dennis and Carlene was blessed with a son they named Calix Andreas. However, the couple did not last long and broke up. Initially, there were several issues between the two celebrities.

Meanwhile, Dennis Trillo and Carlene Aguilar eventually arrived in the common ground as they both wanted to parent their son. Dennis Trillo’s son is living with his mother but the actor can visit and borrow him anytime.

Dennis Trillo, Dennis Trillo's Son Calix, Jennylyn Mercado, Jazz Garcia
(L to R) Dennis Trillo, Calix Andreas, Jazz Garcia, Jennylyn Mercado

Now, Dennis Trillo’s son Calix is already a teenager. He got most of his looks from his mother but he shares several passion and hobbies with his father. It was in September when he turned 13 years old.

For his son’s birthday, Dennis prepared a little surprise for Calix. It was a basketball-themed birthday celebration and his girlfriend, Jennylyn Mercado, helped him prepare the surprise for his son.

Carlene Aguilar has married and Calix has a younger brother in his maternal side. Previously, the beauty queen said that she and Dennis do not observe a schedule when it comes to their son.

According to her, having no schedule prevents the possibility of a misunderstanding in case one is not available to be with their son in a specific day. She shared that Dennis usually gets their son when he has no work and it is okay with her anytime.

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