Carla Abellana’s My Husband’s Lover Role

Carla Abellana’s My Husband’s Lover‘s Role Hooks Attention

CARLA ABELLANA’S MY HUSBAND’S LOVER – Here is a glimpse of the character played by Carla Abellana in the Kapuso TV series.

In 2013, one of the television series that hooked the viewers is My Husband’s Lover, a drama TV series of GMA-7 Network. It is mainly starred by actress Carla Abellana and actors Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo.

The said TV series featured a gay love story between Vincent Soriano, a businessman who is Tom Rodriguez’s My Husband’s Lover role, and Eric del Mundo, an architect played by Dennis Trillo.

Vincent and Eric were high school best friends. They also had a special relationship when they found out that they share the same gender preference and actually fell for each other.

However, Eric had to fly to the United States for his father. It left Vincent heartbroken and they had no more communication since then.

Vincent Soriano met Lally Agatep, Carla Abellana’s My Husband’s Lover role. They fell in love with each other and he got her pregnant when they were still in college.

The pregnancy of Lally was not welcomed by her family. Meanwhile, Vincent stood for it, they got married, and raised a family. He became a successful businessman running a car company.

However, despite the happy family life of Vincent and Lally, there was something missing. They tried and tried to make things work amid the secret of the role of Tom Rodriguez from Carla Abellana’s My Husband’s Lover character about his gender preference.

Things became more challenging for their marriage upon the return of Eric del Mundo. Both him and Vincent were still in love with each other and it led to the point of Lally finding out about their secret affair.

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