Egypt closed Great Pyramid after Ritual Rumours

Pyramid of Egypt

When ancient structure is the subject the pyramids of Egypt would probably not be the last on the list. Last November 11, 2011 at about 11:00 a.m. it was rumoured that there were groups gathered who attempted to occupy the place to perform some sort of ceremonies in connection to the group’s spirituality. In this … Read more

Puerto Princesa Underground River listed as one of the New 7 Wonders

Palawan Underground River

Voting results for the New 7 Wonders were provisionally announced. On the list are the following: the Amazon Rainforest, Halong Bay, Iguazu Falls, Jeju Island, Komodo and Puerto Princesa Underground River and Table Mountain. Initial counting of the votes has been released and was announced in the official site of the new7wonders. Results were published … Read more

New 7 Wonders of Nature on its Provisional Result

New7Wonders of Nature

What wonders of nature in the world will gonna be in the list of wonders? Well, the long wait is over! And if you made your vote via phone, Internet social networks or premium text messaging, it has been counted! The New7Wonders Foundation already made their preliminary result as of 11-11-11. The Amazon rainforest, Halong … Read more

Filipino Photographers topped the APEC Photo Contest

APEC Photo Contest

Another creation beyond imagination and spirit are recognized through a photo contest which was sponsored by the APEC last Thursday and two Filipinos had won the said event. Filipinos named Reynaldo Mondez and Romeo Doneza fetched the first and second prize with their exceptional and unique entries “Solar Energy Panels” and “World Wide.” Th said … Read more

Photo sold for $4.3 million at auction set in NYC

"Rhein II"

It is true that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but the photo that was sold at auction at Christie’s was worth million dollars! A photograph entitled “Rhein II” which was taken by a German artist named Andreas Gursky flaunting the Rhine river has sold for $4.3 million dollars at the auction set in … Read more

Lolong, the giant crocodile still refuses to eat

Lolong, the crocodile

Stress hits not just to human but to animals as well, just like what the 21 feet crocodile named “Lolong” had been suffering 17 days after he was being departed from the swampland where it spend its years growing and surviving. The result of the stress perhaps from being away from its natural habitat was … Read more

Royal Honeymoon: A Trip to Seychelles Island

Seychelles Island

Few months after the Royal Wedding, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge finally break the silence to where they spend their honeymoon. Reports say that the Prince William and Kate Middleton spend their honeymoon with a 10-day trip in Seychelles. Predictions regarding the honeymoon of Prince William and Kate have been made as other made … Read more

Alert Level 2 raised to Taal Volcano leading to Evacuation of At least 77 Residents of Pulo Island

Taal Volcano Crater

Taal Volcano was reported to show signs of possible eruption according to an official for relief and disaster response. In fact, an alert Level 2 is raised by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology as Taal Volcano was observed to undergo series of volcanic tremors leading to the evacuation of at least 77 local … Read more

Binay encourages Filipinos to Vote for Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Philippine Vice President Jejomar C. Binay encourages every Filipinos to cast their votes for Puerto Princesa Underground River as a spot for World’s New Seven Wonders of Nature. The Philippines is currently heading its way to become more globally competitive through Palawan’s Underground River. It becomes the country’s pride as it closely competes with other … Read more

Iloilo Celebrates Annual Traditional Sailboat Racing

Iloilo sailboats

Iloilo City, the 309th Paraw Regatta Racing Festival along the Strait of Iloilo to the part of Guimaras Island, last Sunday. The “Paraw Regatta” is a sailboat racing competition that symbolizes splendid seafaring tradition among the Ilonggo people. The racing “Paraw”  which are native sailboats are usually made of indigenous boat-materials equipped with decorated colorful … Read more