Ryza Cenon on Shaved Head: “Close na yung salon, pinabuksan ko para magpakalbo…”

Actress Ryza Cenon Speaks on Decision To Have her Hair Shaved

RYZA CENON – The actress who had her head totally shaved revealed that the salon was already closed when she asked for their haircut service on a last-minuted.

Recently, countless people were surprised when Ryza revealed her new look on social media — the actress had her hair totally shaved. Undeniably, she is one of those women who remains beautiful even with a bald head.

Ryza Cenon with hair
Ryza Cenon

Prior to availing a haircut service that shaved all her hair, Ryza Cenon had long and shiny hair. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in the Philippine showbiz industry. She has a son nicknamed Night with her cinematographer partner, Miguel Cruz.

Countless people expressed their admiration of the beauty of Ryza even with a bald head. Ryza had her hair shaved for a role that she will play in her upcoming movie entitled Lim which will be directed by Mikhail Red.

Ryza Cenon

According to Ryza Cenon, having all her hair shaved is one of the things she has in her bucket list. She wanted to do it back then when she was pregnant with Night but her talent management, the Viva Artists Agency, did not allow her to do so.

Ryza will be playing the role of a nun in the film Lilim. Based on an article on Pep, the director also plans to have the movie screened for the 50th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Ryza Cenon shared that it was a last-minute shaving of her hair. She initially planned to have her hair shaved before the scene wherein her character, Sister Helena, will be shown with a bald head. However, when she was given the breakdown of the scenes, that’s when she knew that the taping for the next day includes the bald-headed Sister Helena.

“Kaya lang biglaan, nagbigay sila ng breakdown ng mga eksena. So, closed na yung salon, pinabuksan ko para magpakalbo lang. Hinabol ko talaga,” the actress revealed.

Her bald head does not give Ryza Cenon a strange and uncomforting feeling. However, wearing a wig does. Based on the article, she was given a wig with real human hair but she is not comfortable of wearing it.

“Parang feeling ko, hindi ako sanay na may buhok. Feeling ko, mas bagay sa akin ang walang buhok,” the actress said.

According to Ryza, Direk Mikhail Red is indirectly telling her that he wants her to have a bald head during the Parade of the Stars in case the movie will make it to the 50th MMFF.

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