Ryza Cenon “Nagpakalbo” for Role in Upcoming Movie, Speaks on Decision

Actress Ryza Cenon Decides To Have Her Hair Shaved for New Film

RYZA CENON – The actress spoke on her decision to have her hair shaved for her role in her upcoming movie “Lilim”.

Every new movie or television series bring a new challenge to actors and actresses who will be part of it. The celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry are dealing with a constant challenge of portraying the different roles based on what they accept among the offers.

Ryza Cenon

Each character that every actor or actress must portray require not only his/her brilliance in acting but as well as a change in his/her appearance to suit the role. Meanwhile, with regards to hairstyles, actors and actresses are often given the option to wear a wig or prosthetics depending on the character.

In the case of actress Ryza Cenon who accepted to do a role in the horror film Lilim, she decided to have her hair shaved. It is not required as they can use the prosthetics but the actress willingly did it for the movie as well as to tick it off her bucket list.

Ryza Cenon

Ryza Cenon is a flexible actress who loves Kontrabida roles. In the past, she played different characters and her acting has impressed countless people.

Speaking to Pep at the shooting of Lilim which took place at The King Church compound in Quezon City, Ryza Cenon revealed that she longed wanted to have her hair shaved since 2020 when she was pregnant with Night, her eldest son.

Then, Ryza was under the Viva Artists Agency, the talent management agency of Viva Entertainment. However, VAA which manages the career of the actress did not allow her to do so.

“First time kong magpakalbo,” the actress said.

Ryza Cenon

Ryza Cenon clarified that she was not required to have her hair shaved and it was really her decision as she also does not want to wear prosthetics. She does not like how she looks using the prosthetics.

“Parang sabi ko, mas okay kung kalbo talaga. Mas makakatulong siya sa karakter ko,” Ryza expressed.

Based on the article, Ryza also cited that her decision can help save time during taping. According to the actress, if all of them will be wearing prosthetics, not just actors and actresses but as well as talents, it will take time.

With regards to her son’s reaction on her bald head, she expressed that Night is happy about it as he does not like hair. He also keeps on laughing whenever he would touch his mother’s head.

“Para siyang kinikiliti, tawa siya nang tawa,” she said.

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