Lady Netizen Shares Touching Video of Her Father Eating ‘“pag ako yumaman lagi masarap ulam ng magulang ko”

Lady Netizen Shares Tear-Jerking Video of Her Father While Eating

A lady netizen shares a touching video of her father eating, and vows to provide better meals when she becomes wealthy.

Recently, a TikTok user named “0901lyn” shared a video on social media that has moved many people. The video shows her father eating a simple meal by himself. The video has gotten a lot of attention and garnered  many reactions from online users.

In the video, the older man can be seen sitting alone at a table, eating his food. The daughter who posted the video wrote a message with it that explained why she recorded this moment.

Lady Netizen

She said that the food her father was eating didn’t look very tasty. This made her think about a promise she had made to herself before.

However, the daughter admits that she hasn’t been able to make this dream come true yet. She writes, “Sabi ko dati, pag ako yumaman lagi masarap ulam ng magulang ko. Kaya lang hanggang ngayon, mahirap pa din ako.”

Her honest message touched many people who saw the video. They could relate to the desire to give parents a better life, even when facing financial struggles.


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Many netizens left supportive comments. They encouraged the lady netizen not to give up hope. Some suggested that her current situation is not permanent, and things can improve with hard work, patience, and faith.

The video reminds us of the love children have for their parents and the wish to repay them for their care. It also shows the challenges many families face in trying to provide good meals every day.

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The social media users expressed their reactions to the heartbreaking video:

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