Netizen Criticizes Subdivision for Allowing Residents to Use Streets as Parking Lots

Netizen Criticizes Subdivision for Using Streets as Parking Lots

A concerned netizen has called out a subdivision for allowing residents to use the streets as parking lots due to the absence of proper garages.

Illegal parking refers to the act of parking a vehicle in a location where it is not permitted by law or regulation. This can include various scenarios where parking is restricted to maintain safety, traffic flow, and access.

Recently, The Facebook page ‘Parkeserye’ shared photos of a subdivision with vehicles parked all over the streets, making it hard for others to pass. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and elicited comments from the online community.

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The photos show streets in Velmont Residences and Las Piñas nearly impassable because of double-parked vehicles. According to the netizen, the residents have no garages and therefore park their cars on the streets,.

The netizen, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed frustration over the situation and urged others to share the post to raise awareness.

The internet users expressed their own frustrations and concerns. Some criticized the residents for their inconsiderate behavior, while others called for stricter enforcement of parking rules within the subdivision.

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The situation at Velmont Residences points out the need for better planning and regulation regarding parking in residential areas.

Subdivision authorities should enforce existing parking regulations more strictly, ensuring that residents use their garages and do not block the streets.

If garages are insufficient, the subdivision could consider creating designated parking areas to accommodate residents’ vehicles without obstructing the roads. Holding meetings with residents to discuss and address parking issues collaboratively could help find mutually agreeable solutions.

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In another report, traffic enforcers accused motorist of illegal parking at vulcanizing shop

Here is the full post:

“Pls hide my identity paki share naman ng mahusay na subd na to velmont residences at las pinas. Nkakatuwa sila may kanya kanyang garahe pero kanya kanyang kupalan gngwa nila”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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