Criminology Student Involved in Basag-Kotse Modus in Laguna

Basag-Kotse Modus in Laguna Caught on Camera, Criminology Student Among Suspects Arrested

CAR ROBBERY – A criminology student was allegedly involved in a ‘basag-kotse’ modus in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

A car robbery modus operandi in Santa Rosa, Laguna, was caught on CCTV, leading to the arrest of one suspect, who turned out to be a criminology student. Concerns have been raised by residents regarding the area’s increasing crime rate and the involvement of people who should be following the law.

The CCTV footage shows two individuals, identified as a riding-in-tandem, loitering near a car in a parking lot. The video captures the man riding pillion, wearing a helmet, shining a light and gazing into the vehicle.

Criminology Student

The motorist hands something to the rider before they leave the scene. When they return, the pillion rider breaks the car window, snatches a bag from inside, and both suspects quickly flee. One of the suspects was arrested after a quick follow-up operation by the authorities.

The arrested suspect is a second-year criminology student. The suspect has not provided any statement regarding the incident.

The stolen items have been returned to their owner, and authorities are currently pursuing the other suspect and additional members of the group. Initial investigations have revealed that this group has targeted several other victims across various locations in Calabarzon.

Criminology Student

Many residents are alarmed at the involvement of a criminology student in criminal activities, raising questions about the integrity of future law enforcers. The public has urged local authorities to intensify efforts to prevent such crimes and ensure safety in public areas.

The immediate action leading to the arrest of one suspect and the recovery of stolen items is commendable. However, the involvement of a criminology student in the crime serves as a reminder of the challenges faced in maintaining law and order.

Authorities continue to pursue the remaining suspects to bring all involved to justice and prevent further occurrences of such criminal activities.

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