Vice Ganda Issue – Are These People Doing A Demolition Job On The Comedian?

VICE GANDA ISSUE – Some videos are currently trending online speaking against the Kapamilya host-comedian because of an issue. Is this a demolition job on the superstar? Are they taking advantage of the problem making a loud buzz online? Is this the same thing that happened to Maggie Wilson during the height of her separation from her estranged businessman husband?

Vice Ganda Faces Coordinated Smear Campaign Due To “EXpecially For You” Issue?

Demolition job on Vice Ganda just like what happened to Maggie Wilson?

An X user found something weird in these videos talking against Vice Ganda which sparked coordinated smear campaign speculations.

Various social media platforms is currently abuzz with the issue that occurred in the “EXpecially For You” segment of It’s Showtime. The “beso” issue between a searcher and a searches is now a subject of discussion and at the same time, turned to become the reason for some to talk against Vice Ganda.

Showtime Searchee Axel Cruz clarified in a statement that his gesture towards Christine was just an attempt to do the “BroCode”. However, it was misinterpreted and he was called out by the hosts.

Vice apologized to Axel in the previous episode of It’s Showtime, he took it back.

“Nakausap po [naming] muli si Axel at si Christine, at dahil po don ay binabawi ko ‘yung ni-tweet ko na I will say an apology because I do not need to apologize for what I did,” he said. “Paniniwala namin na hindi namin kailangang mag-apologize because what we did was right,” says Vice’s statement regarding the “nakaw na halik” issue.

The comedian retracted the apology after the female Searcher admitted to them that she felt uncomfortable during that time. Hence, the changed opinion of the hosts. They are not sorry for calling out what needed to be called out at that time and they have already talked with the involved parties already.

Following this, one X user found videos online with personalities speaking against the Kapamilya superstar. They expressed their disappointment at him but there was something weird about it. This has reminded people about the demolition job done on Maggie Wilson last year. She was bashed by several people but with the same script and later on, it was revealed that they were paid to bash Wilson.

Is the same thing happening to Vice?

Here are some of the comments from the post:

Parang yung kay Maggie Wilson before.

they be doing all the stuffs they needed to do just to spit some non-sense critiques about vice without totally understanding the circumstances.

Parang may checkeng dumaan hahaha its giving Maggie Wilson hahaha. Demolition job at its finest.

Templated social ruining, katulad noong 2022 Elections. Jusko gising-gising na, di na bago ‘to.

hindi na sila natuto sa nangyari kay argie roquero.

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