Andi Eigenmann Calls Crissa Liaging “Thick Face”?

Did Andi Eigenmann say this in a comment?

People online were confused whether it was Andi Eigenmann who said this as Andrea Eigenmann in a comment or not.

Siargao-based couple former actress Andi Eigenmann and professional surfer Philmar Alipayo are currently at the center of controversy. People online are puzzled as to what is happening right now in their relationship.

What caused a stir online was the video of Philmar and a woman. It went viral and the gestures seemingly gave people a different idea.

In a previous article, Andi spoke following the viral video and in her post, she gave the people the kind of freedom Philmar is enjoying while she is his partner. But what intrigued the netizens is this statement, “What’s shameful is purposely posting and editing a video to cause a stir, disturbing the peace of people and dragging them into their negativity, just for some social media attention.”

Amid the buzz, people online noticed that a Facebook user reacted to a post about the viral video and left a comment. The user comes by the name Andrea Eigenmann which has over a thousand friends and among the friends are the members of the Eigenmann family.

Andi’s real name is Andrea Nicole Guck Eigenmann. People online speculate that this could be her personal account as she is friends with her celebrity relatives.

The comment says, “D4mn, gurl got a thick face for sure.”

Andrea Eigenmann
Photo grabbed on IG

Meanwhile, Andi addressed the “pinabayaan ang sarili” comment from various netizens and just like always, she has always been fierce when it comes to her bashers. The Siargao-based former actress responded with a video of her in various “comfortable chic” fits

On the other hand, Andi and Philmar’s family based in Siargao is called the Happy Islanders, the same name of their YouTube channel where they share their candid island life. They have two kids, Lilo and Koa. Andi has another daughter, Ellie, with her former boyfriend, Jake Ejercito.

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