Rob Gomez Shares His Effort To See His Daughter w/ Shaila Rebortera

Rob Gomez was asked about his role as a father

Kapuso actor Rob Gomez shared the effort that he makes in order to see his daughter with beauty queen Shaila Rebortera.

Rob and Shaila’s breakup became controversial. It is because of the cheating allegations against the actor. Rob’s private conversations with female celebrities even surfaced on social media.

The actor said that his phone was stolen, and allegedly, Shaila stole it. The beauty queen was also accused of posting screenshots of Rob’s conversations with female celebrities who were linked to him.

rob gomez shaila rebortera
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In a recent interview shared by TV5 entertainment reporter MJ Marfori, Rob Gomez shared that it was in December when he last saw his daughter. He said that he has been doing everything legally when it comes to this matter.

He said that he is taking legal means to have visitation rights. The actor also shared that he and Shaila have no communication and unfortunately, there is no one who wants to mediate with them, even the relatives of his former partner. He said that they might be afraid to be dragged into the issue between him and Shaila.

rob gomez shaila rebortera
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Rob said that the process of obtaining visitation rights in the Philippines is very slow and this is not okay with him.

Lahat ng resources ko, lahat ng pwede kong pagtanungan, mapaghingan ng tulong po talaga,” the actor said about his efforts he is making. He was told that he just had to wait and he would see his daughter eventually. I know this is true but he really wants to see his daughter now.

Rob Gomez also revealed that he would stalk Shaila Rebortera’s social media account in order to see photos of his daughter. He even flaunted that that his daughter now has bands and showed his phone wallpaper.

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