Bea Alonzo Alleged Unforgettable Experiences In Doing The Film 1521

Are these the reasons why Bea Alonzo seems quiet and mum about this film?

BEA ALONZO – Ogie Diaz has these claims regarding the 1521 film of the Kapuso actress including her alleged bad experiences.

The international film 1521: The Battle of Mactan stars Bea Alonzo and is produced by Inspire Studios. Last June, the trailer was released, and immediately, it stirred backlash for ‘historical inaccuracies’.

In a previous article, netizens also left distasteful comments about Bea portraying a native princess in this movie. The inaccuracies found by people online ranged from the costumes and armor to language. Even choosing a half-British actress to play the tribal princess role was also criticized.

Ogie Diaz tackled something regarding the actress and this film as netizens have noticed that Bea seems a little quiet about this film of hers. She is accordingly not doing anything to promote it.

He said that Bea had “tampo” and a misunderstanding with the producer. In his video, he discussed more details regarding this matter including the experiences Bea had while shooting this film that she did not experience in the previous projects she had done as the lead actor.

According to Diaz, these are the details he got from someone who is in the camp of Alonzo:

  • Bea’s hotel room was taken care of by the producer, however, the rooms of her team were shouldered by the actress.
  • The aircon tent was provided just days before the end of their shooting.
  • The costume the actress wore for the film was shouldered by her and not by the production team.
  • The artists got injured because they used real weapons for the fight scenes.
  • The talents are unpaid. A photo with Bea was what they got in exchange for their services.
  • The rooms provided for the people were “de tabo”.
  • The cameras and other equipment needed were provided by the director and the lighting used was of low quality.
  • Bea shouldered the “pa-meryenda” and “pa-tubig” for the talents.

Now, why did the Kapuso actress accept this? Accordingly, she accepted this project because of the promises of the producer made to her which did not happen.

When it comes to promoting the film, Diaz claimed it was not indicated in the contract obliging the actress to be a part of promotion. He said, “Ang producer na rin ang nakausap ko. So ano yan, nasa kontrata ba na magpo-promote si Bea? Wala. Pero hayaan mo na ako na ang magpo-promote.”

Meanwhile, these details came from one of the staff of the actress. Ogie and his channel are open to hearing the side of the other party based on the video.

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