Christian Bables Demands Public Apology from Pet Crematorium over his Dog “Hope”

Actor Christian Bables Loses Dog “Hope”

CHRISTIAN BABLES – The Kapuso Actor reached out to lawyers to demand a public apology from a pet crematorium.

Dogs are loving creatures who are known for their loyalty to their hoomans. Many people like the genuine companionship that dogs offer that is why countless people across the globe has at least one dog.

Photo Credit: RSPCA Pet Insurance

Taking care of a dog in a responsible way requires one not only to be emotionally ready but as well as financially ready. It needs regular veterinary check-ups, dogfood supplies, vitamins, and a lot more. Meanwhile, all the requirements in taking care of a dog responsibility can never outweigh the love of the furparents.

In the Philippines, many celebrities are dog lovers. One of them is actor Christian Bables who is not only sweet to people close to him but as well as his dogs.

Christian Bables and dog Griffin
Screengrabbed from Instagram/@christiaaan06

However, recently, Christian Bables lost one of her furbabies named Hope. Truth be told that in the case of dog lovers, the death of the dog that is greatly loved can be very devastating. Many people even experience deep grief whenever they lose a furbaby.

In the case of Christian, aside from the pain of losing a pet, the death of Hope was even more painful with his alleged experience with a pet crematorium. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the actor called the Haven of Angels Memorial Chapels and Crematorium Inc. after his dog, Hope, died.

Christian Bables
Christian Bables
Screengrabbed from Instagram/@christiaaan06

Then, Christian was in Makati while Hope was in Antipolo. He called the Haven of Angels Memorial Chapels and Crematorium Inc. for his dog to be fetched and prepared for the wake. Based on the article, he was even asked to pay Php 1,000 for the remains of his dog to be processed away.

However, Hope was reportedly fetched late already at 9:30 p.m. The pet crematorium justifies that the wrong address and the traffic caused the delay. Aside from the delay, the actor was also disappointed with how Hope looked when they arrived.

“Pag dating namin dun si Hope nakabalandra lang dun hindi manlang inayos ang panget sa pakiramdam ‘yun kasi last time makikita ‘yung someone I dearly love,” he said.

According to Christian Bables, he knows that not everyone will understand his feelings but Hope is a family to him and his dog is also a big part of his support system. Based on the article, the actor wants public apology from the Haven of Angels Memorial Chapels and Crematorium Inc. over what happened.

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