Teacher Caught on Camera Abusing & Cursing at Student

Video of Furious Teacher Abusing and Cursing at Student Elicits Reactions From Netizens

CHILD ABUSE – A furious lady teacher was caught on video physically and verbally abusing a student inside the classroom.

Recently, the X/Twitter account KwentongPajama shared a video of a teacher who was abusing and cursing her student. The post quickly circulated on social media and garnered various reactions from the online community.

The video shows the teacher’s aggressive behavior towards the student. It begins with the teacher interrogating the students:


T: Sinong nang-aasar?

S1: Siya ma’am

T: Anong inaasar-asar mo?

(Incoherent convo b/n students but seems like s2 deny)

T: Sumagot kayo sige! (Cursing) Pasalamat kayong mga animal kayo!”

The teacher continues to curse, displaying a shocking lack of control and professionalism. The video captures a tense and fearful atmosphere in the classroom, emphasizing the vulnerability of the students.

The netizens praise the bravery of the student who recorded the video, having video evidence is important for accountability. The video provides undeniable proof of the teacher’s misconduct, making it possible for appropriate actions to be taken.

The teacher was dismissed from her post for her inappropriate act, with the case now under thorough investigation by the Department of Education (DepEd) Regional Office, that has taken charge of the investigation to ensure a comprehensive review of the incident.


The education department demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for students. This incident shows the need for vigilance and accountability in educational settings.

DepEd’s response will be important in addressing the situation and preventing similar incidents in the future.

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Here is the full post:

“This teacher has been relieved of duties and the case has been referred to the DepEd Regional Office for a thorough investigation. Ang tapang nung estudyante na kumuha ng video. Gantong pagkakataon yung wala kang choice but to film for evidence.”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

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