Bianca Umali Shares Late Father’s Last Words To Her

Bianca Umali lost her dad at a young age

Kapuso actress Bianca Umali shared the bonding that she had with her late father and the last words he had to her.

Bianca has established her name in the entertainment industry as one of the homegrown talents of the Kapuso network. One of the biggest breaks that she had so far was her Sang’gre role.

What she has achieved in he career is something that any parent would be proud of. However, she was not able to share her success with her father because she lost him at the tender age of 10.

Bianca Umali
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In a recent interview, based on the article in GMA Entertainment, Bianca Umali was asked about her most memorable moment with her dad. She shared that she had a limited memory of her dad because she lost him at a young age.

Not everyone might know but I lost my dad at an early age. I was 10. So I have very limited memories of my dad pero daddy’s girl ako so I spent most of his last years with him talaga. Ako talaga ‘yung buntot niya. I go with him to work, nagkakalikot ako ng motor with him. We would run together, everything. I did everything with my dad,” the Kapuso actress said.

When asked about the life lesson she learned from her dad, Bianca said that now that she is already an adult, what she learned is to say “I love you” when you can and when you feel like it.

The actress added that she observed that this generation is having a hard time expressing love verbally. “Sometimes it’s hard to say I love you, not because we don’t want to but because it’s too cheesy or we tend to get shy na,” she said.

bianca umali
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After losing both of her parents, Bianca said that saying “I love you” has become her life lesson regardless of whom it would be. Her mother died in 2005 due to cancer. She was just five years old back then. Five years later, her dad passed away due to a heart attack.

The Kapuso actress also shared that she regretted not saying “I love you” to her father before he passed away.

“I mean I was young, and I think I was still in that process of discovering myself and I didn’t really know how to express my feelings. The last words of my dad to me were, ‘I love you darling.’ and I was asleep, I was half awake, he came back from work, and then the next day he passed away so I wasn’t able to say, ‘I love you’ back,” she shared.

Meanwhile, Bianca Umali and her boyfriend Ruru Madrid shared in a recent interview, that they are preparing for their wedding.

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