Vice Ganda Shares Thoughts On “Barbie ka ba?” Viral Video

This is the take of Vice Ganda about this viral video online.

Kapamilya superstar comedian Vice Ganda has this to say about a viral video where men were asked “Barbie ka ba?”

It doesn’t always take much on our part to be kind and social media, sometimes, plays a big part on how our thoughts are molded. We see a lot of things on social media but let those nonsense things take control of your mind. You have the power and the choice on what to believe in.

However, just recently, there’s this one video that caught the attention of Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda. He raised a lot of questions from that video as he is also confused as to what this one question mean.

“Barbie ka ba?”

This was the question accordingly asked by someone who seemingly holds a significant position to those who are under him. This man in the viral video was asking the male students “Babie ka ba?” and that made Vice immediately wonder if being a “Barbie” is a bad thing or not.

At present time, when a man is asked this question, one assumption people could immediately think of is the being being asked if he is gay or not. But whatever the word “Barbie” means, the Kapamilya superstar asked if it is tailed with a positive or negative note. He could not seemingly decode what the man would really like to ask behind the coded question.

Bringing up this question in It’s Showtime, Vice expressed based on the video, “Yung pagiging ba Barbie ay isang bagay na kamuhi-muhi na kapag napatunayan naming Barbie ka may mangyayaring masama sa’yo?”

The comedian pointed out also the threatening voice in the video, hence, the thought that if someone admits, will something bad happen afterwards?

Vice Ganda
Photo grabbed on YouTube

Meanwhile, in a previous article, Vice saw Alice Guo’s ka-lookalike among their staff and he can’t help it but show it to the madlang people. This part brought laughter to the audience and the online viewers and the people could just agree as there is indeed an uncanny resemblance.

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