Andi Eigenmann Enjoys Sunrise Surf Date w/ Philmar Alipayo, Posts Video

Andi Eigenmann Posts Sweet Video with Fiancé Philmar Alipayo

ANDI EIGENMANN – The former actress posted on social media a sweet video with her fiancé, Philmar Alipayo, after they had a beautiful sunrise surf date.

Not all actors and actresses stay long in the Philippine showbiz industry. For various reasons, a lot of celebrities have willingly chosen to leave the limelight for a purpose. Andi is one of them and she is now living a simple life in the prestine island of Siargao.

Andi Eigenmann, Philmar Alipayo
Photo Credit: @himynameiseddd

Andi Eigenmann, the eldest daughter of the late veteran actress Jacklyn Jose with the late actor Mark Gil, left the showbiz industry. When her mother was still alive, she was vocal that the former actress really get away from the luxuries in life to live an island life with her family.

The former actress has three (3) children — her eldest daughter with actor Jake Ejercito and her middle and youngest child with her fiance, professional surfer Philmar Alipayo.

Philmar Alipayo, Andi Eigenmann

In December 2020, countless people were happy about the engagement of Andi and Philmar. They had a unique underwater photo with her engagement ring. Andi and Philmar postponed their wedding for a reason.

In January 2021, the former actress gave birth to her youngest child, a baby boy named Koa, with Philmar. Visibly, the actress is living a happy life with her family in the island. However, recently, the couple’s relationship was surrounded by breakup rumors.

The rumors was ignited by the Japan trip of Andi with their children. Philmar was not able to go with them and his absence sparked the rumors that Andi and Philmar have separated.

The former actress was quick to react to the rumors about her alleged breakup with her fiance. She laughed at it and when she got back in the Philippines, her and Philmar’s social media post never failed to debunk the speculations that they are no longer together.

Recently, Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo even had a sunrise surf date which the former actress describes as “the best kind”. She took to Instagram a sweet video featuring their sunrise surf date. Here’s the post of the former actress:

Here are some of the comments on the post of the former actress:

@tesscampos: “The couple that surfs together STAYS together! Love this couple, may they and their family continue to be blessed.

@kimtanpo1993: “Alam Kong ayaw mo to Mam Andie pero please Marimar trend hahahhaa

@tutoy43: “Ang linaw ng tubig, one day I will visit Siargao, my dream.

@bengalbe01: “Yan [heart emoji] para tantanan kayo ng mga atribida sa Mundo dami gawas gawang sturya

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