Paolo Contis On Staying Silent Amid The Controversies

This is the reason why Paolo Contis remains silent amid the buzz.

Kapuso actor Paolo Contis has this to say about the controversies swirling about his relationship with Yen Santos.

Among the most controversial couples of the industry is Paolo Contis and Yen Santos whose relationship started with a friendship. They are famous for being friends who go to Baguio together.

It took them a while to confirm their relationship and when they finally did, people were no longer surprised.

Recently, rumors about their split emerged online following the shady gestures of the actress online. She unfollowed him on IG and also took down their photos together from her account.

With the loud buzz this rumor has created, the actor remained tight-lipped insisting that he wants to keep some parts of his personal life to himself. He believes that the public already knows too much about his personal life.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, he was asked about his “no comment” respond when asked about the controversies. According to him, while people has this notion that famous personalities owe them everything, for his part, this does not apply as he believed that this is not already a part of his acting career.

“I think dumating na kasi ako sa point na feeling ko, people think na we owe it to everyone. to share what is happening to you and I believe na it’s not part of my acting craft anymore,” Paolo said in the video.

He added that the more a public figure shares about their life, the more entitled the public becomes. He expressed that it’s already time for them to keep some personal matters private.

Meanwhile, in a previous article, Paolo addressed the rumors regarding his weight loss. He is now skinnier and thinner but some people doubted the process for him to achieve this. Speaking about this, he clarified, “After A Journey I had to lose weight for the role, this one, kaya tuloy-tuloy… kaya hindi po totoong adik ako. Hindi po totoong nag-aadik ako…”

The extreme weight was in preparation for his next project after “A Journey”.

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