Kris Aquino Says There’s A Problem With Her Heart

In a conversation with a friend, Kris Aquino opened up about this.

KRIS AQUINO – Former Dindo Balares has this story shared about the actress-host who is currently battling multiple autoimmune diseases.

In an interview with Boy Abunda last February, Kris Aquino shared everything she was prepared to share about her condition. She is battling multiple autoimmune diseases and currently in the US for her medication.

Many people are praying for her fast recovery which she is always grateful for. That time, Kris said she “refuses to die” and that the following months are going to be crucial as she would take some risks in terms of her medication.

What is making her autoimmune battle more difficult is the history of heart problems in her family. She said, “I could have a stroke at any time. I have to relate this because of genetics.”

Recently, in a post from her close friend Dindo Balares, some updates about her health were shared with the public. This is with permission from her. Balares shared that Kris has a problem with her heart and this is genetics-related.

She has high cholesterol and triglycerides but cannot be treated as of the moment because she is underweight.

“My BP (blood pressure) is misbehaving – I am normally 145/122 with heartrate of 110-130. It’s the diastolic & heart rate na scary,” she added about her blood pressure. On the other hand, what’s feeding her hope now is that her autoimmune is now responding to methotrexate.

She said, “Kuya Dindo let’s focus on this. My autoimmune is finally responding to the methotrexate (my chemotherapy). Finally! And the good air quality in Newport Coast.”

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In a previous article, Kris shared a health update saying that she already had herself check with a cardiologist, her fourth doctor. It was a test of courage but she maintains her positivity and hope. She promised to share further details about her condition once she receives the complete results.

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