Young Boy Escapes Electrocution While Retrieving Kite

Young Boy

Lucky Escape for Boy Electrocuted While Retrieving Kite A young boy from Cebu luckily escaped tragedy when he was electrocuted while trying to retrieve his kite tangled in electrical wires. Electrocution is a serious danger that happens when someone gets a strong electric shock, and it can be very harmful or even deadly. This happens … Read more

Meralco’s Lineman Bravely Cross Power Cable to Remove Tangled Kite

Breath Taking Job of Meralco’s Lineman to Remove the Kite Tangled in Wire PHOTO – A breath-taking work of Meralco’s lineman who bravely crossed power cables to remove the tangled kite goes viral online. The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) has previously announced that one of the causes of brownout today in the Philippines are kites … Read more