PNB Personal Cash Loan Ready To Fund your Different Expenses

Guide on PNB Personal Cash Loan Features & Application

PNB PERSONAL CASH LOAN – The Philippine National Bank has its own multi-purpose cash loan offer for Filipinos.

Amid the several banks that operate in the country, there are those that are in the banking industry for decades already and have gained the trust of millions of Filipinos. One of these is the Philippine National Bank.

More popularly called PNB, it was formerly a government bank that is now operating as a private bank. It was the first universal bank of the country and one of the biggest privately-owned Philippine commercial banks.

PNB got several offers including bank accounts, loans, cards, remittance services, and a lot more. One of its loan offers is the PNB Personal Cash Loan which can attend to different purposes.

The PNB Personal Loan is non-collateral thus there is no need for you to present a property to be used as a collateral in applying for the loan offer. Under it, here are the loanable amounts:

  • Minimum Loanable Amount — Php 10,000
  • Maximum Loanable Amount — Php 2 million

You may use the money for the medical expenses, house renovation fees, education fees, vacation trips, personal purchases, etc. The loan is payable from three (3) months up to 60 months for loans below Php 500,000 and up to 60 months for loans above it.

The monthly add-on interest rate is set from 1% up to 2%. The money will be credited to your nominated PNB account.

Who are qualified to apply for the PNB Personal Cash Loan offer? Here are the few qualifications set by the bank for application:

  • employed or self-employed individuals / professionals
  • with a minimum gross income of Php 120,000 annually
  • at least 21 years old but not more than 65 years old upon the loan maturity

With regards to the requirements in applying for the PNB loan offer, here are the documents required by the bank:

  • PNB Personal Loan Application Form with Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) Enrollment Form
  • one (1) Valid Identification Document (ID) with your signature and photo
    • The primary IDs acceptable to the bank are the Philippine Identification Card (PhilID), Passport, Driver’s License, Unified Multi-Purpose ID, Digitized BIR TIN Card, GSIS e-Card, SSS ID, PRC ID, IBP Lifetime Membership ID, NBI Clearance
  • Income Documents
  • Proof of Residence/Proof of Billing

In case you don’t have a primary ID, you may submit two (2) secondary IDs to the bank. All loans are subject to the approval of the bank.

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