Jayda Avanzado Defended By Elha Nympha Amid Issue w/ Francine Diaz

Elha Nympha has these posts about the Jayda Avanzado-Francine Diaz issue

Singer Jayda Avanzado was defended by her friend singer Elha Nympha amid the issue with actress Francine Diaz.

Jayda made a revelation about what happened between her and Francine. The daughter of celebrity couple Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado revealed that her friendship with Francine went through a conflict and this was eventually the cause of their drifting apart.

In an interview with veteran showbiz insider Cristy Fermin, Jayda was made to recall the issue and the supposed reason for this was her photo with actress Andrea Brillantes.

jayda avandazado francine diaz
📷: @jayda / Instagram

This did not sit well with the fans of Francine Diaz. They criticized Jayda Avanzado for allegedly using Cristy Fermin’s platform to tarnish the name of their favorite female star.

Jayda was also defended by her friend Elha amid this issue. On X, formerly known as Twitter, Elha shared intriguing posts. She said that people tend to comment on the issue without knowing the real story.

elha nympha
📷: @elhamaenymphaofficial / Instagram

People be like commenting about a certain issue without even knowing what really happened or what went wrong? Who changed? Who started it first? but another problem is that we cannot disclose anything because ofc we don’t want to defame anyone bcos we still care,” she wrote. Elha also used the famous line “Time is the ultimate truth teller.

The singer also answered a netizen who accused her of trying to get involved with the issue. “What’s the point of this tweet? What do you want to happen? I hope bago ka makisawsaw and makadagdag sa negativity, intindihin mo muna pinanggagalingan ng galit ng fans ni francine,” a netizen said, adding that fans of Francine haven’t said anything about the issue.

Elha Nympha denied that she is “nakikisawsaw.” She said that Francine’s fans attacked her while she was doing her live on TikTok. The singer said that there was no reason for them to do that.

And also please stop spreading fake issues mas lalong lumalala to,” she added.

After Jayda Avanzado’s interview on Cristy Fermin’s show, she guested on Fast Talk, the Kapuso talk show of King of Talk Boy Abunda. She said that she and Francine Diaz were able to talk about the conflict between them and whatever the future will bring to their friendship then, she would accept that.

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