Francine Diaz-Jayda Avanzado Issue: Friendship Over Due To This?

What happened to Francine Diaz and Jayda Avanzado’s friendship?

The issue between Francine Diaz and Jayda Avanzado surfaced and allegedly, this was the reason why their friendship ended.

Francine and Jayda were known as BFF or “best friends forever.” There have been several instances in the past when they talked about their friendship and the bond that they have.

However, in a recent episode of Cristy Ferminute, the showbiz talk show of veteran showbiz insider Cristy Fermin with Romel Chika, Jayda was asked about what happened between her and Francine.

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Cristy said people have asked her about the issue between Francine Diaz and Jayda Avanzado. The latter revealed that the last time they talked to each other was when she greeted Francine on her birthday.

Jayda also said that there was a disagreement that happened between her and Francine. Then, Cristy asked her guest if it was true that at a party she and Andrea Brillantes (Blythe) posed for a photo together. Allegedly, this angered Francine because she and Andrea were not okay.

Jayda explained that it was true that she and Blythe posed for a photo because the latter was a co-host of that party.

“Importante po na nakikisama ako sa lahat ng tao sa industriya,” she said, adding that she knew the backlash she received after that incident. Jayda added that since Blythe did not treat her badly or did something wrong to her, she could not see any issue if they had a photo together.

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Then, Cristy read a comment from a netizen who said that they thought that the reason behind the issue was Seth Fedelin, the loveteam partner of Francine Diaz. The showbiz insider asked Jayda to confirm if Seth courted her. She just said, “Ito na lang po ang sasabihin ko, no comment po.”

After that, Cristy shared what her source said. Allegedly, sometime after that party, Francine confronted Jayda and said that it was Blythe who allegedly tried to destroy her life and career but wasn’t successful in doing so.

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