Teacher Elicits Comments Over Post About Students Who Do Not Know Popular Author Bob Ong

Teacher Goes Viral Over Post About Students Who Do Not Recognize Popular Author Bob Ong

A teacher elicits reactions online over his post about students who do not recognize the popular author Bob Ong.

Recently, Rommel Pamaos, a Filipino teacher at Luis A. Ferrer National High School in General Trias City, stirred a viral discussion with his Facebook post about the lack of familiarity among his students with the author Bob Ong.

Pamaos expresses his disappointment upon realizing that none of his students were familiar with Bob Ong, a popular figure in contemporary literature. During a class discussion, Pamaos asked his students if they knew about Bob Ong, only to be met with blank stares.


The educator feared that his students were missing out on the rich literary works of the famous author, including “ABNKKBSNPLako” and “Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan.”

Pamaos, who also writes children’s stories, expressed his concern that the younger generation seemed disconnected from the literary landscape, particularly regarding Filipino authors like Bob Ong.

The teacher emphasized the importance of exposing students to contemporary literature during their Catch-Up Fridays and National Reading Program sessions, advocating for a shift away from traditional texts towards more relevant and engaging materials.


He recounted an era known as the “Bob Ong craze” that took place during the 90s and early 2000s, describing how the author’s unique writing style connected with readers and inspired a newfound love for reading among non-bookish individuals.

Despite concerns that Bob Ong’s popularity may have decreased over the years, Pamaos was pleasantly surprised to discover that his students still connected with the author’s storytelling style.

He chose passages from “ABNKKBSNPLAko” for their Catch-Up Friday session, fearing that Bob Ong’s relevance might have diminished.

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