Gerald Anderson On Meeting Of Bea Alonzo and Julia Barretto

This is what Gerald Anderson said about the reunion of the two actresses.

GERALD ANDERSON – The Kapamilya actor has this statement about the meeting of his ex Bea Alonzo and current Julia Barretto.

In 2019, what turned out to be a national issue is the highly publicized split of actors Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson. The word “ghosting”, during at the height of the split was used rampantly and it is still continued to be used by many up until today. This word is referred to someone who just disappeared and left the other person without a formal goodbye.

Gerald Anderson

The accused third party was Julia Barretto, who, surfaced as Anderson’s girlfriend years after that big issue in 2019. Gerald and Barretto are still together up until now while Alonzo is currently single again after her wedding with Dominic Roque has been called off.

Years later, Barretto and Alonzo met at an event and what was expected to be an awkward moment turned out peaceful and without any tension. They greeted each other, with all smiles, and even talked to each other as seen in the video that circulated online.

Bea Alonzo and Julia Barretto

Recently, Anderson reacted to this and in an interview, he said that time definitely heals all wounds. He nothing against it as long as everyone is moving forward.

He said, “Ganoon talaga, you know, time heals and… basta moving forward lahat.” 

Indeed, with time, everything passes by literally and figuratively.

Meanwhile, in a previous article, Claudine Barretto reacted to the Bea-Julia meeting as well which went viral on the internet. She was, at first, worried about it but the interaction turned out fine. The actresses were graceful towards each other and their video even sent good vibes to the people of the internet.

The Optimum Actress said, “That was what I was worried about that night. Knowing Julia, hindi iyan matapang. Hindi iyan parang ako, ayaw nga niyan umakyat ng stage. Nahihiya. Hindi ko alam, basta. Sinabi ko na hindi, sama siya sa akin.”

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