Elderly Woman in Manila Mistaken for Witch, Injured After Assault

Elderly Woman Sustained Injuries After Assaulted by Tricycle Driver Accusing Her of Being a Witch

An elderly woman in Manila was injured after allegedly being assaulted by a tricycle driver who accused her of being a witch.

The senior citizen victim was found bleeding by her daughter with a wound on her head after she was alleged assaulted by the tricycle driver.

On Tuesday morning (February 27, 2024), a CCTV footage from Barangay 438 captured the suspect walking near the victim as she headed towards her daughter’s house. However, the actual attack was not captured on camera.

Elderly Woman

Manila Police District Station 14 chief Police Lieutenant Colonel Romeo Estabillo said that the barangay officials immediately apprehended the suspect after reviewing the CCTV footage.

After i-review ‘yung CCTV ay nakita ‘yung suspek na siya ang responsible na pumalo o nanaga doon sa biktima,” Estabillo said.

The suspect claimed that he had no intention of killing the elderly woman. “Binigyan ko lang siya ng disiplina, hindi ko talaga siya papatayin,” he said.

Elderly Woman

The man suspected the elderly woman of being a witch because he suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous. He also claimed to hear the woman’s voice, which he believed was seductive. The victim, who has been discharged from the hospital, refused to give a statement.

The police are investigating whether the suspect has a history of criminal offenses and if he is involved in illegal drug activities. The suspect has been charged with frustrated murder.

The incident shows that jumping to conclusions and resorting to violence only worsen problems and harm innocent individuals. It emphasizes the importance of proper investigation and justice in resolving conflicts.

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What is Frustrated Murder?

It is a legal term used in some jurisdictions to describe a criminal offense that involves the attempt to kill someone but falls short of completing the act. It’s an unsuccessful or failed attempt to commit murder.

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