Elderly Woman Leaves Fortune to Pets, Leaving Nothing to Her Children

Elderly Woman Leaves P159 Million Wealth to Pets, Snubs Children Who Neglected Her

An elderly woman, identified as Liu goes viral after deciding to leave her fortune of P159 million to her pets instead of her children.

According to reports, Liu plans to leave her assets to her three children. However, her plans changed when her children ignored her when she was ill. Her pets were there for her during her illness.

Liu expressed her disappointment, stating that only her beloved cats and dogs were there for her during her time of need. The grandma expressed the emotional bond she shares with her furry companions.

Elderly Woman

Currently, a veterinary clinic has taken charge of her inheritance and is responsible for looking after her cherished pets.

However, the elderly woman’s decision has raised legal questions, with an official from a Will Registration Center in Beijing stating that such arrangements are not recognized under the country’s laws.

The official noted that there are alternatives available to address the situation.

Elderly Woman

“Liu’s current will is one way, and we would have advised her to appoint a person she trusts to supervise the vet clinic to ensure the pets are properly cared for,” he said.

The official suggested that Liu could have appointed a trusted individual to oversee the veterinary clinic to ensure proper care for her pets. This approach would have provided a legal framework for managing her assets.

Another official pointed out that Liu was aware of the risks associated with her decision. They stated that Liu was instructed that if her children changed their behavior toward her, she could change her will accordingly.

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